Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wikipedia for me is taste of "the better world" that I wish to live in before I expire.

Long time ago, people built Babel tower to show how great spices they are. But God destroyed the tower and made men to to speak many languages so they would not understand each other. Hopefully, god figured it out, they (humans) will fight and kill each other as well.

Right now the people are building another tower - the Internet. Sadly, it appears that the destroyers this time will be Ourselves -- or more correctly, our human Masters.

Some Great Walls are visible form the moon (Great China Wall), some are history (Berlin Wall). Some have foundations already in place (Look mindfully around and inside yourself to name them). Some are invisible like the wall that separates the slave men and free men or the wall that separates still men and walking men.

The Walkin' Men' Blog

Did you ever noticed this very clever Imperialist Internet Business Model (do not blame Americans -- Americans are humans and whoever you are you are A human too).

It goes like that: You get very cleaver idea how to make 1$ to become $1,000,000 in short time (read: lifetime of your investor). You get big cash from Vulture Investors. You start big. You offer everything free. You get millions of customers (hell! who doesn't want free lunch). Slowly, step by step, you start to "monetize" your business. How? Too long explanation for this blog. Just study the history of all "rugs to rich" websites like Twitter for example.

So maybe when you finish masturbating yourself on your Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc account, have some green tea (it makes your brain working again) and you may notice that you also use websites that do not sodomize you with the bronze penis of that Wall Street Bull.


By sipping your home made green tea you had just saved $3 on your daily Starbucks latte. Also note ( most important ) Starbucks Inc will not make your IQ higher on long terms. But Wikipedia will do. They ask for your help to keep their website free form commerce. Make it. Donate.  Click the link below and have your latte the day after tomorrow.

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