Thursday, July 11, 2013

Should Mr. Snow Man be hanged or glorified or canonized ? - On Our Addiction to Big Media and Our Submission to Movie Celebrities.

Should Mr. Snow Man be hanged or glorified or canonized ?  -- On Our Addiction to Big Media and Our Submission to Movie Celebrities.

This writing was prompted by me watching Big-Media reporter talking to a Hollywood star and asking him "does he consider Mr. Snow Man a hero or a traitor?" Without a blink in his eye the celebrity man answered "traitor". When asked "why" he went into visible shock, moved his lips a bit - yes a reflex only - and, brain-dead, was unable to explain his original statement.

In instant, I've (rationally) speculated that this few-second broadcast permanently cemented the opinion of thousands of ordinary people. Maybe millions of viewers. After all it was Big-Media.

I am pointing here to the fact, as well as the curse of modern life : The Big-Media-and-Movie-Celebrities symbiotic relationship.

It is -- business motivated ! -- practice of Big-Media to target Movie Celebrities as opinion-makers on every topic that is "hot" on airways. The sick part is the hypocrisy of Big-Media. On one hand, they tell us that their mandate is objective (rational?) journalism. On the other, they bombard us with "junk" journalism like the above example where the obvious target was not the opinion per se but (any) Movie-Celebrity. Why? Because, and only because, Movie-Celebrity would attract more audience ... and more revenue.

So, who are Movie-Celebs as opinion-makers ? The vast majority of them, no doubt. Let's suppress for few minutes our hardwired herd-ape submission to authority (celebrity) and ask self clearly:

Who (the hell) is Movie-Celebrity as a trustworthy opinion-maker ?

Your beloved Movie-Celeb is, most likely (way!) more attractive physically then you. Also, he or she is most likely a thinker like you - a man or a woman with average intelligence. But, is he or she more knowledgeable on given topic than you ? I dare say: "Certainly not !"

Just compare the daily schedules of both of you.

Most of the day you work to survive. The rest of the day you rest, grab a beer (optional) and surf news channels on something that have grabbed your attention. Like for example, should Mr. Snow Man be hanged or glorified or canonized which includes exercising the first and the second action in order stated at the beginning of this sentence.

Most of the day your idol works hard to hold to his / her status as a Celeb. The rest of the day he or she spends celebrating (again, hard!) his / her Celeb status.

Now, I will ask you to write an imaginary email to your (any) Movie-Celeb asking for an advice on investing your hard earned money for retirement, or maybe to choose for you the right treatment for your cancer (sorry for shocking example), or give you definite answer who is right, creationists or scientists.

Big-Media did. As for you? Good luck.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Yes! It is conspiracy! - Mark Zucerberg translates to "Sugar Mountain"

Yes! It is conspiracy! - Mark Zucerberg translates to "Sugar Mountain"

Yesterday, I got a pay-as-you-go Nokia cellphone with Windows software. Today, I've learned that the only way to control my phone is to use Windows “Zune” software. In the same insulting way as the previous Windows word-processing software – the animated barking puppy dog – the first thing the Zune ask you is “who are your three favorite singers” or something at this line.

My phone has a pre-installed little app to send a survey to Nokia (which they will choose to delete instantly).

So I painstakingly taped this with my arthritic fingers:

With Windows app you are not only useless but also insulting human intelligence - who gave you rights to treat me like a retard whose only purpose in life is to seek millions of songs, watch videos of cats, and share with the rest of the world that I just farted after eating beans. You are just part of other money thirsty digital barons who commit genocide of human intelligence - Bolek Wesolowski”

I was always puzzled why the “digital barons” - this term is copyrighted by me now :) - do commit the genocide of human intelligence. Men like Mr. B. Gates, Mr-Late S. Jobs, etc. are/were very intelligent. After all, to get from rags to riches (translate as: “to live American dream”) you need above average intelligence of some kind – “Some kind” Thanks God! Some say, they are different kinds of intelligence not just one.

Our digital barons are guilty of turning the Internet into a sugar maintain. Yes, Mr. Zucerberg, a sugar mountain. It rises big, white, tasty and tempting above the horizon. Who can resist sugar ? Practically speaking no living creature can. You force all of us (iTunes, Zune, etc) to crawl an mass like cockroaches at night to get a bit of your bite.

Sugar is empty food!

The men of the past and present who dedicated their lives to made your very life safe, comfortable and meaningful – wheel, law of thermodynamics, penicillin, E= mc2 – did not had a library of millions songs, watched the video of a funny looking cat all day long and did not run all day around the Florence to tell (twitt) to every citizen that they had great fart after eating bean soup.

Mr. Zucerberg and others digital barons, I accuse you of committing the genocide of human intelligence.

Bolek Wesolowski


What level of IQ has the Facebook programmer or VIP who emails me every week that four new friends are waiting for me on Facebook? Always FOUR friends. OK, I know, it is a scam to make me to open Facebook page so you can earn some money from advertisement. I understand this. But is it so difficult Mr. Zuckerberg to write a simple code that will ask me one time that one friend is there and another time that there are four, of six maybe. How much money this individual gets paid ? Give me his monthly salary and will will learn to code and I write more intelligent program.         

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lessons in history are lessons not listened to.

 An article on BBC website make me wander (again) why lessons in history are lessons not listened to by most power seekers..

I applied logic to one of statements there and came out with this twiit:
"Turkish boss disappoints vine lovers saying he can not understand why people have sex when they could just masturbate."

All this brings back to my memory:
  1. Year 1972,
  2. a passport office in my home town
  3. and a communist official who refused to grant me a passport.
His argument was as follow: Why do you want to see Alps ?. Tatra are mountains too.

Note to the reader: Alps are in France. Tatra Mountain are in my motherland.


1. Thanks you God – You keep Alps and Tatra Mountains in place.
2. Thanks you God – You keeps me alive so I can spread this story.
3. Thanks you God – You send this man who tried to play god to oblivion.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wikipedia for me is taste of "the better world" that I wish to live in before I expire.

Long time ago, people built Babel tower to show how great spices they are. But God destroyed the tower and made men to to speak many languages so they would not understand each other. Hopefully, god figured it out, they (humans) will fight and kill each other as well.

Right now the people are building another tower - the Internet. Sadly, it appears that the destroyers this time will be Ourselves -- or more correctly, our human Masters.

Some Great Walls are visible form the moon (Great China Wall), some are history (Berlin Wall). Some have foundations already in place (Look mindfully around and inside yourself to name them). Some are invisible like the wall that separates the slave men and free men or the wall that separates still men and walking men.

The Walkin' Men' Blog

Did you ever noticed this very clever Imperialist Internet Business Model (do not blame Americans -- Americans are humans and whoever you are you are A human too).

It goes like that: You get very cleaver idea how to make 1$ to become $1,000,000 in short time (read: lifetime of your investor). You get big cash from Vulture Investors. You start big. You offer everything free. You get millions of customers (hell! who doesn't want free lunch). Slowly, step by step, you start to "monetize" your business. How? Too long explanation for this blog. Just study the history of all "rugs to rich" websites like Twitter for example.

So maybe when you finish masturbating yourself on your Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, etc account, have some green tea (it makes your brain working again) and you may notice that you also use websites that do not sodomize you with the bronze penis of that Wall Street Bull.


By sipping your home made green tea you had just saved $3 on your daily Starbucks latte. Also note ( most important ) Starbucks Inc will not make your IQ higher on long terms. But Wikipedia will do. They ask for your help to keep their website free form commerce. Make it. Donate.  Click the link below and have your latte the day after tomorrow.

Support Wiipedia

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Supreme Terrorist punishes Vancouver, BC on Sat. 20/2010 AC

City-Citizens sometimes suddenly abandon their streets. For example, a football match or black death epidemic or … when all goes white. At least practically all Vancouverites do that.

“Environment Canada warning: Heavy snow expected in Vancouver at night.”

The early morning walk around the block without sight of a pedestrian or car. Nice! Even nicer, to walk a virgin walking paths in city park. Being The FIRST in this overcrowded and racing human hive. Oh, it feels good. Thank you Supreme Terrorist.

Vancouver, 2010-11-20

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The red poppy is pinned to my heart (Remembrance Day)

Nov. 11th, 2010 (Remembrance Day)

Did your red poppy pinned to your heart successfully hid blood on your hands?

I am walking to my university library to escape the all-day-rain. It is November 11th today. Remembrance day. Supposedly one to remember the war (1st World War) that was supposed to be “the war that ended all wars.”

If all these water drops falling from the dark sky – where the havens are supposedly – where human tears, that heavy rain I am walking through today is well timed. After all, in our supposedly random universe, it could be sunny day today or maybe one with just a little sprinkle from the sky.

I walk, hooded. Do I look like a pious monk or sinister assassin?, I wonder. I am hooded, and I do look at my feet. But it is not because of my shame. I just want to avoid puddles and keep my socks dry. After all I wear sandals. No, I am not mimicking Christ. I just love sandals.

I walk by the third red poppy, lost by others, laying on the sidewalk and drenched by that rain. “Rain of our communal tears?” – a though sparks in my brain. Since I have to look down in order to avoid the puddles, I can not avoid seeing my own red poppy pinned to my jacket - men made, organic fiber, fair trade jacket from trendy Mountain Co-opp. No, I am talking about the red poppy here. It is the jacket - stupid.

I am walking in the rain. The spark-though ignites an arc of thoughts and one more “Bolek's Gold though” is spit out off my brain:

“We all would like to have all sociopaths / psychopaths behind the bars but aren't we actually the one as a whole. BoWe_2010”

Inside the safe heavens – read: any place at the University that has a roof – I google “ psychopaths” and “sociopath” ( and to check validity of my recent enlightenment. It appears, I am correct.

It is almost one hundred years since the men-kind, shocked and ashamed with his own inhumanity, proclaimed the latest war of his, “the war that will end all wars.” In order not to betray his own pledge the men-kind pinned the red poppy to his heart and then .. stepped into the usual business: WW2, Colonial War, Cold War, Holly War, Just War, Humanitarian War and the most insane of all wars – the mother of all wars – the War to end the Wars.

Bolek's nut ! you may declare. Excuse me! What about the following: “Persistent lying or stealing ; Apparent lack of remorse or empathy for others ; Cruelty to animals -- especially human animals (my own addition to this definition) ; Poor behavioral controls — expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper ; A history of childhood conduct disorder ; Recurring difficulties with the law ; Promiscuity ; Tendency to violate the boundaries and rights of others ; Aggressive, often violent behavior; prone to getting involved in fights ; Inability to tolerate boredom ; Disregard for right and wrong ; Poor or abusive relationships ; Irresponsible work behavior ; Disregard for safety.” You See! A sociopath. I was right.

Copyright 2010 by Bolek Wesolowski

Monday, November 8, 2010

Guilt is our Devil

Guilt is our Devil_BoWe2010

Humanity is not only divided by vast bodies of water (continents), or color of skin, or ...( put plenty of other reason here); but, did any one mentioned “divided by which English dictionary we use”.

Here is a sample that speaks for itself.

Briefly, it is response by Mr. M.R. (Master Ruler) of Zambia after few donor countries got fed up with corruption in his domain and decided to cut their humanitarian help off. For details follow the latest news. For example here:

I am modern slave (and you too my dear reader). I take it – most of the time. Example: When  “my rulers” take away part of my earning for “International help” so they can look good to their voters, own consciousness (if they have one), to our UN and to omnipotent God (last one after death of course).

But sometimes – when profoundly insulted – I can not take it any more. I walk onto Capilano suspension bridge (, swing it madly and yell. Something like these:

 “Mr. Master of Zambia and his bodies, what make you to claim that I have to work for your children and grandchildren? History (colonialism) ? God's design (I am white) ? Or simply – and that is the right answer – you are smarter then my “direct” rulers.”

“And you mess up with English language, by the way Mr. M.R.  You said  “I am (Zambia) sovereign and INDPENDENT”. Well, well. Do we use the same English dictionary ? When I say, I am “independent” I mean the following: “I feed myself and pay my Health Insurance from the money I earned myself – and my profession is not a conman.”

Any way, there is an ISSUE with “rich countries”helping “poor countries”. But let's deal with this other time. Now, I have to go to work so Mr. M.R. Junior can attend Harvard and a private jet for commuting.